Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton

Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton

By Rory Kennedy

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release Date: 2017-09-29
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 1h 57min
  • Director: Rory Kennedy
  • Production Company: Moxie Firecracker Films
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99
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Laird Hamilton is perhaps the greatest big wave surfer of all time, a living legend who has tamed some of the world's mightiest waves. Amongst the surf community, he is also one of the most controversial figures, an innovator who has revolutionized the sport often to the dismay of purists. This thrilling, up-close portrait traces Hamilton's remarkable journey, from his rebellious childhood in Hawaii to his fearless first forays into surfing to his relentless pursuit of ever-bigger waves, a quest that ultimately led him to conquer what’s been called 'the heaviest wave ever ridden.' Blending candid interviews with breathtaking action footage, Take Every Wave is visceral, white-knuckle look at a life lived on the edge.




  • Inspirational

    By surfn805
    Great example of what it means to use fear to better oneself, to constantly innovate, to never give up, to accept oneself for who you are, etc, etc. I true inspiration. And the cinematography was excellent too ;) Well done!
  • Highly recommend

    By dutrfghhttu
    This by far exceeds every surf film ever made. Great filmaking and an inspiring story! Would highly recommend for surfers and anyone intersted in a story of pushing the boundries of life.
  • Compelling doc!

    By Jobie "jobin" laptop
    It's really great, definitely give it a watch
  • Well above what I expected

    By NoNameBrander
    Being a simple fan of Laird and having found enjoyment in watching numerous other big wave documentaries, I wondered how fresh this movie could actually be before I watched it. I’ll just say, this film exceeded any expectations I had. Extremely well put together, visually stunning, and above all, an inspiring story of a life spent focused on goals and some of the triumph and trials that can come along with it. Even more of a fan now. Rented it at first, but just bought it outright for definite future watching. Call me a sucker...what can I say, hahah! Thanks Laird and Rory etc.
  • Fantastic documentary! Loved every minute of it🤙

    By PaddleBum
    Driven is an understatement to describe this waterman. It’s more of an addiction but how he feeds his soul and pushes the boundaries is nothing short of inspirational! 🤙
  • Complaining about crowds while you $

    By bravochico
    Hypocrites but that would ascribe premeditation. Laughing as they complain about crowds while shilling their films. Ps. The old aussie guy gives you a headache
  • Exhilarating!

    By bonzoprolam
    From beginning to end, this is absolutely captivating. The photography, the music...perfection. But what really struck me is getting to know Laird a little better, understanding his drive, his philosophy and the sheer dedication to his passion. I've watched it 5 times so far!
  • Legendary

    By NewportMelby
    Laird is a living legend. Athlete, philosopher, inventor, adventurist, and just a super cool dude — an overall exemplary human being. His story provides so much depth to the image of the pioneering extreme surfer we’ve always known about. This is an absolute must-watch, whether you know anything about Laird’s story or sport or surfing — and he continues to explore and live an amazing journey, both personally & professionally. #XPTlife