By Coralie Fargeat

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release Date: 2018-05-11
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 48min
  • Director: Coralie Fargeat
  • Production Company: Logical Pictures
  • Production Country: France
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 6.99
From 60 Ratings


Debut director Coralie Fargeat announces her stunning arrival, painting a crimson canvas of hypnotic beauty and bloody retribution in this razor-sharp feminist subversion of the revenge-thriller. Jen (fearlessly embodied by Matilda Lutz, Rings) is enjoying a romantic getaway with her wealthy boyfriend which is suddenly disrupted when his sleazy friends arrive for an unannounced hunting trip. Tension mounts in the house until the situation abruptly––and viciously––intensifies, culminating in a shocking act that leaves Jen left for dead. Unfortunately for her assailants, Jen survives and reemerges with a relentless, wrathful intent: revenge. A white-knuckle tale of transgression and transformation, REVENGE gloriously blurs the lines of vengeance and survival while simultaneously delivering a ferocious dissection of gender and genre.




  • Better than expected...

    By Kwikkeys
    Better than expected for what it is. Going in with low expectations, I found myself enjoying it more and more. Let's call it a guilty pleasure. Think of someone that done ya wrong--REAL wrong--before you watch. :)
  • YEP!

    By Miadad
    Really cool flick! I'm going to buy this one.
  • I tried

    By Sharks are for jumping
    Artisic license is cool, but if your lover pushes you off a cliff and you get impaled by a tree, don't take too much of the peyotee, or you'll forget to cauterize the entry wound on your back.
  • Great movie with one big mistake.

    By Patrick Deckard
    Well, this was a surprisingly good one - if you neglect the totally unbelievable story about Jen surviving that "pushing her over the edge" - and how she managed to do so. The rest is a very intense, thrilling and in the beginning even emotional story about a very sexy young woman being confronted with three very rotten men. And how she develops to an amazone. I liked it! Besides, the cinematography is great!
  • Awesome - surreal and gory

    By DocModrid
    Outstanding picture with overtones of Jodorowsky and an hyper-real style. The gore is truly impressive and the camera work is dazzling. The lead actress is amazing and basically transforms from an object to an agent of revenge and justice. Highly recommended and not marred by any hamfisted message.
  • Very good

    By 9IFSilentBob
    I was shocked it was that good. Very well done.
  • Trash

    By female69
    Really? Does anyone believe this story is possible? And what kind of a person is entertained by this nonsense?
  • Waste of time

    By KMP9240
    Another example of why not to trust the professional movie reviewers. Pretty bad movie. Predictable plot + actually the plot have more holes in it than a blosk of Swiss cheese full of holes. Overacting by a group of not too great actors to beging with. Gratutious blood gushing just fo the sake of showing blood. If you feel you must watch this movie, wait for it to come out on Netflix. Don't waste hard earned dollers on this movie
  • Is this a parody?

    By jwil_nj
    Laughed the whole way through because it’s terrible.
  • What?!?!?

    By Cord2510
    There is only one reason this film got 91% tomatoes and it has nothing to do with anything shown on screen. One of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. You might like it if you like films where characters regularly seem to be transported great distances in an instant between shots that are contiguous in time. If you enjoy films that use a conventional language of realism but where the main character seems to have supernatural healing powers while all the others seem to suffer from hemophilia. The characters seemed to be endowed with blood volumes 3-4 times that of normal human beings and yet have no internal organs, spinal columns or blood vessels. There are shotguns that shoot like rifles and rifles that fire semi-auto with a bolt action. Continuity seems like something the director decided was a loathsome burgeoise commodity to be kicked to the curb. Sort of like a rip off of Gaspar Noe and I Spit on Your Grave with the saturation turned up. Save your money.