The Apple Dumpling Gang

The Apple Dumpling Gang

By Norman Tokar

  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release Date: 1975-07-01
  • Advisory Rating: G
  • Runtime: 1h 40min
  • Director: Norman Tokar
  • Production Company: Walt Disney Productions
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 2.99
From 38 Ratings


Head for cover! Don Knotts and Tim Conway are Wild West outlaws who can't hit the broad side of a barn -- but never miss when it comes to rounding up laughs! The hilarity begins when a roving bachelor (Bill Bixby) inherits three young orphans and a wealth of problems. When the youngsters stumble upon a huge golden nugget, they must fend off the greedy townspeople. So the kids join forces with the bumbling outlaws to stage a robbery of the gold. Little do they know a surly gang of sharpshooters plans to beat them to the draw! If you're aiming for fun, saddle up and head out with The Apple Dumpling Gang!




  • Disney magic

    By CDBooth
    Class act entertainment that is clean and very funny. I’m grateful to have been around when these types of entertainment existed. Today Hollywood just produces 90% bull @&@$.
  • Clovis don't like to be touched.

    By Disgruntled_fan
    I started by purchasing another classic disney movie I had rented back when these films were not available for sale here.. I have since been finding all my childhood favorites available for download. Black Hole, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Darby O'Gill and the Little People, The Shaggy DA.. Thank you for the memories iTunes. This like almost all the Disney films of days gone by has laid in the recesses of my memory my whole life. Occasionally they would surface and I would long to watch them again and relive those fond memories. This film was always enjoyable to watch, and my parents actually seemed to enjoy it... although after the 50th viewing I'm sure they had long since grown tired of it lol Don Knotts and Tim Conway are classic, they offset eachother quite well. But there's always a good laugh in a bumbling nitwit, just alot more fun with two that are so similar. All of these movies may seem a bit silly and stale, but that is half the fun. The most common memories I had of this movie are the lines "Mr. Donovan.... I gotta go" "It's a cherished token of a lady's affection" and my favorite.. "Clovis don't like to be touched" If you're up for some fun and a trip down memory lane.. check your inner critic at the door and enjoy the show! As for me, I'm off to rack my brain to find more films to buy... oooh.. wait a minute.. That Darn Cat and Flight of the Navigator Hope they have them.. but if they've got Black Hole and Darby O'Gill they must have everything... those two have been impossible to find in recent years. TTFN, I'm off to spend some more money! :P
  • Apple Dumpling Gang

    By Family 1
    At least they new how to make a great family movie with out trashing it with language or seens you don't want your kids to see. Plus it was very funny 1 We could use some good old fashion movies like this now days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Classic Disney!

    By massbound
    I saw this the year it came out while visiting Disney! I have loved this movie ever since. Fans of Don Knotts and Tim Conway... A classic comedy. Silly. Family Oriented. Cute. Original love story theme. A must for many families.
  • LOL

    By nicolehb516
    The first time i saw this was in school for a reward and now i just cant get enough of it! If u are a person who cant make their mind up weather to buy something or not to buy it take my word its one of the best movies i ever saw
  • It's a Classic

    By CooManChu
    What can you say? This is a classic kids comedy. When viewed today, some of the jokes and physical comedy seem a little stale, but more or less, this movie still holds up and entertains.
  • Laugh Out Loud Funny!!!

    By six thick thistle sticks
    Don and Tim are a great team together, making this one of their most funny films.