Legion of Super Heroes, Season 2

Legion of Super Heroes, Season 2

Legion of Super Heroes

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 2015-09-22
  • Episodes: 13
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 14.99
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One thousand years from now, Superman, the legendary Man of Steel, will inspire a group of emerging super heroes from the 31st century to band together to defend the rights of all free worlds and uphold the laws of the newly formed United Planets. That is, if they don't kill each other first. Legion of Super Heroes stars a young Superman and combines humor with high-stakes, grand-scale super heroics to create the ultimate sci-fi, super hero, wish-fulfillment fantasy for kids of all ages. Each episode pits Superman and the Legion against otherworldly threats and adversaries who challenge the team on both super heroic and emotional levels, engaging the audience in the characters' interpersonal dramas as much as their intergalactic ones.


Title Time Price
1 The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow, Pt. I 21:23 USD 1.99 Watch Now
2 The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow, Pt. I 21:45 USD 1.99 Watch Now
3 Cry Wolf 21:47 USD 1.99 Watch Now
4 Chained Lightning 22:41 USD 1.99 Watch Now
5 The Karate Kid 21:52 USD 1.99 Watch Now
6 Who Am I? 21:38 USD 1.99 Watch Now
7 Unnatural Alliances 21:56 USD 1.99 Watch Now
8 Message in a Bottle 22:13 USD 1.99 Watch Now
9 In the Beginning 21:19 USD 1.99 Watch Now
10 Trials 21:35 USD 1.99 Watch Now
11 In Your Dreams 21:22 USD 1.99 Watch Now
12 Dark Victory, Pt. I 22:47 USD 1.99 Watch Now
13 Dark Victory, Pt. II 22:42 USD 1.99 Watch Now




    By Fire-Night-Sky
    I need to make more money before buying the whole thing, but I went ahead and bought Chained Lightning, my favorite episode. GOD THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THIS AND THE ONLINE VERSIONS IS AMAZING. TOTALLY WORTH IT.
  • After all this time, they still couldn’t get the artwork right

    By The Real James Dean
    Very happy the show is here at last, but even after all this waiting they recycled the Season 1 artwork, and even made the ridiculous mistake of labeling the second season as “The First Season” in the artwork. This is really pathetic and poor design.
  • The Future is (Finally) here!

    By Rtstic
    I have been waiting years for the 2nd season, and while its not the Legion I grew up with (the 70's and 80's had the best storylines and artwork in the comics - in my opinion) its still a very entertaining series - i would have given it a higher rating if they hadn't tried to make it a "Manga- Legion" in its design - that didn't work for me.