Simon's Cat, Vol. 1: Featuring Off to the Vet

Simon's Cat, Vol. 1: Featuring Off to the Vet

Simon's Cat

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 2017-01-09
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 5.99


Watch Simon’s Cat in the exclusive award winning full colour animated film ‘Off to the Vet’ here! This special film follows the internet’s most mischievous cat on a journey through his colourful and fun world filled with brand new characters and locations! This bumper pack also includes 20 classic black and white animations! All this in one fantastic package to download and enjoy wherever you are!


Title Time Price
1 Simon's Cat, Vol. 1: Featuring Off to th 46:37 Season Only Watch Now



  • My family just love it

    By ketch^
    I believe if this was a everyday show we would watch every single episode! My family just loves the cats.
  • Simons cat

    By Soft paws x jr
    I love their cartoons
  • "Off to the Vet"

    By Maxine & Teddy
    Thank you Simon Tofield for your wonderful and lovable creation of Simon's Cat!! "Off to the Vet" was so funny and heartwarming. I loved the color added. So relatable if you have kitties. I actually have a kitten named Teddy so this makes it all more special. Just can't get enough of your cuties! Looking forward to more and more new episodes! Love Love Love ❤️❤️❤️
  • Disappointing, but still good

    By ChocoChip32
    I love Simon's Cat. It is one of my all-time favorite YouTube channels and I was very excited to hear they would be producing a 40-minute film. However, the "Off to the Vet" part only lasts for 15 minutes. The rest of the 40 minutes shows some of the Awesome, but unchanged Simons Cat shorts you can already view on YouTube for free. It's a shame, because I loved all of the colors and the lighting and backgrounds they added. Im still happy because the the team worked very hard to produce this film, and not everyone has seen the YouTube shorts. I recommend it for any pet lover and animation geek(like me), and it is great for all ages.
  • Love simon

    By lobiggie
    Have been watching him now for years :)
  • Nice to see color but really only a short stretched out to a long

    By M-Triple-M
    It was nice seeing SImon's Cat in color. I love the true to life cat-like qualities in the character. This is what sets Simon's Cat apart from any other cartoon character. You recognize it if you love cats. Unfortunately, this longer release does not have sufficient content for a longer release. There are unnecessary scenes that should have and would have been left out at the storyboard stage if only they had enough good material to justify the extended length. Instead you have length for its own sake instead of length taking advantage of the opportunity to develop a scene. There is nothing special here except the color. It is actually somewhat less than average for Simon's Cat because superflurous material was not omitted.
  • Good

    By Berti2003
    Simon's cat is awesome
  • wow really cool

    By tylergage07
    remeber everyone watching never let ur cats do this in real life but really cool love it
  • Perfect

    By Jendij
    I loved this longer, full color Simon's Cat episode. So many moments in it will be very familiar to any cat owner. I hope there will be more to come!
  • A Cat's Grand Adventure

    By woodycat1
    I have been a very loyal fan of Simon's cat since it came out long ago. Seeing these shorts I get a laugh out of them every time. I am excited to see that Simon's Cat has come to Itunes. For Simon Cat Fans rejoice and enjoy the fun this feline can bring.