Jane the Virgin, Season 4

Jane the Virgin, Season 4

Jane the Virgin

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2017-10-13
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 13
  • iTunes Price: USD 29.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 29.99
From 118 Ratings


It's been quite a year (or three) for Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez). Although she got married, her husband Michael (Bret Dier) was shot on their wedding night! But luckily, he lived to tell the tale. And then, at long last...Jane had sex. That's right, friends, she's Jane The Virgin no more! And let me tell you, married life was everything she had hoped for...Until the worst thing ever happened and Michael died from complications from his injury. I know. It was a heartbreaker. We pick our story up three years later and Jane's life is certainly not what she planned. First of all, she's a widow, like her Abuela (Ivonne Coll). But she's also channeled that grief into a book about her love story with Michael...And guess what? It was being published! So that was good news! Oh, and also on the bright side - Jane's parents – Xo (Andrea Navedo) and Ro (Jaime Camil) – finally found their way back to each other and got engaged. And speaking of finding their way back to each other, Jane and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) are now the closest of friends. And it's a good thing, because remember their cute, snuggly son Mateo? Well, he's now quite the handful – to put it mildly. And to make matters worse – Rafael's other kids were frickin' angels. Yup, that's right, the twins he had with Petra were smart and well-behaved and pretty damn near perfect. Oh, and Petra (Yael Grobglas) was kicking butt professionally too. See, she'd transformed the sleek Marbella into a kids' hotel. And business was booming until everyone's (not) favorite employee Scott was found dead during the inaugural pirate treasure hunt! I know, OMG, right? And soon, Petra and her twin sister Anezka were both suspects! But you know who it actually was...? Actually, I'm not going to spoil it, but trust me – it was straight out of a telenovela...Which this is, after all.


Title Time Price
1 Chapter Sixty-Five 42:31 USD 1.99 Watch Now
2 Chapter Sixty-Six 42:32 USD 1.99 Watch Now
3 Chapter Sixty-Seven 42:25 USD 1.99 Watch Now
4 Chapter Sixty-Eight 42:33 USD 1.99 Watch Now
5 Chapter Sixty-Nine 42:20 USD 1.99 Watch Now
6 Chapter Seventy 42:03 USD 1.99 Watch Now
7 Chapter Seventy-One 42:25 USD 1.99 Watch Now
8 Chapter Seventy-Two 42:39 USD 1.99 Watch Now
9 Chapter Seventy-Three 42:30 USD 1.99 Watch Now
10 Chapter Seventy-Four 42:34 USD 1.99 Watch Now
11 Chapter Seventy-Five 42:30 USD 1.99 Watch Now
12 Chapter Seventy-Six 42:25 USD 1.99 Watch Now
13 Chapter Seventy-Seven 42:25 USD 1.99 Watch Now



  • It’s so good

    By charly roman holba
    Jane the virgin is such a great shoe I love that the grandmas speaks Spanish and she is so religious I’m totally on team Raffel I really hope Jane and Rafael are together . Jane the virgin is so good . I never want it to end
  • New Viewer

    By Mrsbrumley
    I don’t watch much TV but when my daughter introduced me to Jane the Virgin I was hooked. Binged watched on Netflix, and am ready for season4, love every character can’t get enough of the Villanueva’s, Rogelio is sooo funny. Can’t wait to watch, I agree I hope this show never ends!!!
  • Awesomeee

    By Such an Awesome Game!😄
    I love this show, it’s realistic and very dramatic, favorite!!

    By jehejej
  • Oíste o lo

    By Tykoosk8r
  • My absolute favorite show

    By Kakie23
    I can’t get enough of this show. I’m obsessed, and want Jane to be my best friend. I laugh, and I cry with Jane. I feel all the feels with this show.
  • I’ll

    By twc wtowyomcxnctg
    Fun Nan Byrne fr
  • Paid for a season, and mid season finale is missing! UPDATE

    By kschroed
    Have no idea why it took a week for this episode to show up, but I’m glad it did! JtheV gets 5 stars; Apple TV: 2 stars. What is going on? I love this show and have been steadfastly avoiding all discussion of JtV on social media, etc., until I can watch Chapter 71. Get with the program, Apple!
  • LOVE show ... but where is episode 71?

    By AlSo9011
    Have been anxiously checking for the new episode daily (aired on Dec. 8th) ... have had no luck . Purchased season pass ...... can I please have my new episode ? :(
  • Where is Episode 71??

    By Jane Fan 1111
    Episode 71 aired on December 8th, but where is it on iTunes?? I've purchased a season pass to Season 3 and expect for the new episodes to be uploaded to iTunes promptly.