Seinfeld: The Complete Series

Seinfeld: The Complete Series


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 1989-07-05
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 171
  • iTunes Price: USD 99.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 99.99
From 499 Ratings


A stand-up comedian and his three offbeat friends weather the pitfalls and payoffs of life in New York City in the '90s.


Title Time Price
1 Season 1, Episode 1: Seinfeld 23:06 Season Only Watch Now
2 Season 1, Episode 2: The Stake Out 23:01 Season Only Watch Now
3 Season 1, Episode 3: The Robbery 23:02 Season Only Watch Now
4 Season 1, Episode 4: Male Unbonding 23:02 Season Only Watch Now
5 Season 1, Episode 5: The Stock Tip 22:59 Season Only Watch Now
6 Season 2, Episode 1: The Ex-Girlfriend 22:55 Season Only Watch Now
7 Season 2, Episode 2: The Pony Remark 23:01 Season Only Watch Now
8 Season 2, Episode 3: The Jacket 23:00 Season Only Watch Now
9 Season 2, Episode 4: The Phone Message 22:54 Season Only Watch Now
10 Season 2, Episode 5: The Apartment 23:00 Season Only Watch Now
11 Season 2, Episode 6: The Statue 23:02 Season Only Watch Now
12 Season 2, Episode 7: The Revenge 23:00 Season Only Watch Now
13 Season 2, Episode 8: The Heart Attack 23:00 Season Only Watch Now
14 Season 2, Episode 9: The Deal 23:00 Season Only Watch Now
15 Season 2, Episode 10: The Baby Shower 23:00 Season Only Watch Now
16 Season 2, Episode11: The Chinese Restaur 22:59 Season Only Watch Now
17 Season 2, Episode 12: The Busboy 23:00 Season Only Watch Now
18 Season 3, Episode 1: The Note 22:27 Season Only Watch Now
19 Season 3, Episode 2: The Truth 22:27 Season Only Watch Now
20 Season 3, Episode 3: The Pen 22:28 Season Only Watch Now
21 Season 3, Episode 4: The Dog 22:28 Season Only Watch Now
22 Season 3, Episode 5: The Library 22:27 Season Only Watch Now
23 Season 3, Episode 6: The Parking Garage 22:28 Season Only Watch Now
24 Season 3, Episode 7: The Cafe 22:29 Season Only Watch Now
25 Season 3, Episode 8: The Tape 22:26 Season Only Watch Now
26 Season 3, Episode 9: The Nose Job 22:29 Season Only Watch Now
27 Season 3, Episode 10: The Stranded 23:00 Season Only Watch Now
28 Season 3, Episode 11: Alternate Side, Th 22:59 Season Only Watch Now
29 Season 3, Episode 12: The Red Dot 22:30 Season Only Watch Now
30 Season 3, Episode 13: The Subway 23:06 Season Only Watch Now
31 Season 3, Episode 14: The Pez Dispenser 23:29 Season Only Watch Now
32 Season 3, Episode 15: The Suicide 23:27 Season Only Watch Now
33 Season 3, Episode 16: The Fix-up 23:25 Season Only Watch Now
34 Season 3, Episode 17/18: The Boyfriend, 46:29 Season Only Watch Now
35 Season 3, Episode 19: The Limo 23:28 Season Only Watch Now
36 Season 3, Episode 20: The Good Samaritan 23:29 Season Only Watch Now
37 Season 3, Episode 21: The Letter 23:28 Season Only Watch Now
38 Season 3, Episode 22: The Parking Space 23:27 Season Only Watch Now
39 Season 3, Episode 23: The Keys 23:28 Season Only Watch Now
40 Season 4, Episode 1: The Trip: Part I 23:28 Season Only Watch Now
41 Season 4, Episode 2: The Trip, Pt. 2 23:22 Season Only Watch Now
42 Season 4, Episode 3 and 4: The Pitch / T 46:55 Season Only Watch Now
43 Season 4, Episode 5: The Wallet 23:23 Season Only Watch Now
44 Season 4, Episode 6: The Watch 23:02 Season Only Watch Now
45 Season 4, Episode 7: The Bubble Boy 23:18 Season Only Watch Now
46 Season 4, Episode 8: The Cheever Letters 23:29 Season Only Watch Now
47 Season 4, Episode 9: The Opera 23:28 Season Only Watch Now
48 Season 4, Episode 10: The Virgin 23:29 Season Only Watch Now
49 Season 4, Episode 11: The Contest 23:23 Season Only Watch Now
50 Season 4, Episode 12: The Airport 23:29 Season Only Watch Now



  • Stay Away from the Vile, Grainy Cropped Mess

    By w3ak
    The file format, cropped to 16x9 aspect ratio, looks utterly terrible. I'm afraid were stuck with DVDs until this mess is revamped in its original format. Watch CHEERS to see how it should have been done. CHEERS, an older series, is stunning.
  • Botched release!

    By RYNSB
    Seinfeld fans beware this release is SIGNIFICANTLY CROPPED! as someone who's watched the show hundreds of times, many scenes are completely zoomed in it's absurd! For example the S2E1 canataloupe scene you can't even see Kramer holding the fruit! In the stolen TV episode you can't see Jerry looking at the TV becasue the TV has been cropped! This is no good. We waited for literally YEARS for an HD verison and all we get is this. NO! A big fat NO!
  • Rating is for presentation, not quality

    By Ytsejam58
    If I was rating for quality I would give this 20 stars! I love seinfeld and it is so nice to finally be able to purchase it on iTunes. I personally don't have a problem with the 16x9 aspect ratio. aside from a couple of episodes where focus items become out of screen or awkwardly placed, like Kramer and the windshield/coffee table or when George is eating his snickers with a fork. But there is some misconception that it is just a zoomed in version. See, I compared the image to the ones on the DVD, and it is shortened on the top and the bottom, but somehow, we get to see more on the left and the right. Not that this makes a huge difference but it doesn't widen the field of vision which gives the performers more breathing room long ways rather then tall ways. But my issue with this presentation that earns it 4 stars instead of 5, is the episode order. See. The DVDs have them ordered in the correct way, which is by when they were written and recorded. But NBC decided to screw things up for somewhere and shuffled a lot of the episodes up, to the point where a season 2 episode gets placed in the middle of season 3 which seriously messed up the continuity. On TV, they resolved this by adding a little forward by Jerry saying why this lapse in story happened but on iTunes or Hulu, there is no such thing, leaving the viewer to wonder dazed in confusion. But if that's not a problem for you, go ahead! Buy the entire series, it's cheaper than buying the seasons individually. And once they are in your library you can mess with the episode order yourself to put them in the correct order. I guess my only major problem would be the lack of "Inside Looks" and "Bloopers" Seinfeld bloopers are some of the best and always cheer me up if I'm feeling bad.
  • The wait is over!

    By robbshirls
    Pre purchase review: I have waited so long for the complete Seinfeld series to be made available on iTunes and now that it is here, I am a little worried about the picture quality from other reviews that have been posted. I haven’t bought yet, but I want to IF the picture quality is worth it. Post purchase review: The price dropped for the complete series from $99 to $79 and so I decided to go for it. I wasn’t the least disappointed. The show looks great and it is awesome to finally own it on iTunes!
  • Best show ever !

    By Fred Suzhou
    So good to see it again...
  • The greatest show of all time

    By Sdrawckab
    This show is amazing. The first few seasons are a little more boring, but season 8 is AWESOME!!! My rating of every season Season 1: 3.5/10 Favorite episode: The Robbery Honorable Mentions: The Stock Tip Season 2: 4/10 Favorite episode: The Heart Attack Honorable Mentions: The Pony Remark, The Chinese Restaurant Season 3: 5/10 Favorite Episode: The Pez Dispenser Honorable Mentions: The Subway, The Tape Season 4: 6/10 Favorite Episode: The Opera Honorable Mentions: The Bubble Boy, The Pick Season 5: 7.5/10 Favorite Episode: The Bris Honorable Mentions: The Sniffing Accountant, The Stall, The Puffy Shirt Season 6: 7/10 Favorite Episode: The Face Painter Honorable Mentions: The Jimmy, The Fusilli Jerry Season 7: 8.5/10 Favorite Episode: The Soup Nazi Honorable Mentions: The Doll, The Rye, The Secret Code Season 8: 9.5/10 Favorite Episode (and All-Time favorite): The Chicken Roaster Honorable Mentions: The Bizarro Jerry, The Little Kicks, The Little Jerry, The Summer of George Season 9: 9/10 Favorite Episode: The Burning Honorable Mentions: The Serenity Now, The Betrayal, The Merv Griffin Show
  • $100?

    By piperville10
    Was going to buy this for $80 as it was when it was first released on iTunes now it’s back up to $100. Looks like I’ll hold off until the price drops.
  • So excited for nothing 😔😔😔

    By Tillisrammstein
    I bought it downloaded it just for it to be zoomed in, cropped and looked really blown up. If that doesn’t bother you then you’ll love it because it’s Seinfeld
  • 👏👏👏

    By Sifu Emir
    This show finally being here is the greatest thing ever 😁
  • HD 1080p or 720p

    By als1
    Are these in HD 1080p... or in 720p? The previews look like it is 720p. Can someone confirm?