Unikitty!, Season 1

Unikitty!, Season 1


  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 2017-10-27
  • Episodes: 21
  • iTunes Price: USD 24.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 24.99


Unikitty is flying out of The Lego Movie and into her very own world full of adventure, excitement, and dance parties! She's got a good heart and a bad temper, and will do literally whatever it takes to keep her kingdom happy. Teaming up with her little brother Puppycorn and a colorful cast of brand-new friends, Unikitty's life is a whirlwind combo of sparkles, monster-punching, and fun.


Title Time Price
1 Spoooooky Game 11:18 USD 0.99 Watch Now
2 Sparkle Matter Matters 11:17 USD 0.99 Watch Now
3 No Day Like Snow Day 11:10 USD 0.99 Watch Now
4 Action Forest 11:16 USD 0.99 Watch Now
5 Kaiju Kitty 11:17 USD 0.99 Watch Now
6 Fire & Nice 11:03 USD 0.99 Watch Now
7 Rock Friend 11:17 USD 0.99 Watch Now
8 Kitchen Chaos 11:18 USD 0.99 Watch Now
9 Crushing Defeat 11:17 USD 0.99 Watch Now
10 Wishing Well 11:14 USD 0.99 Watch Now
11 Hide n’ Seek 11:04 USD 0.99 Watch Now
12 Stuck Together 11:17 USD 0.99 Watch Now
13 Little Prince Puppycorn 11:17 USD 0.99 Watch Now
14 Pet Pet 11:13 USD 0.99 Watch Now
15 Kitty Court 11:18 USD 0.99 Watch Now
16 Birthday Blowout 11:17 USD 0.99 Watch Now
17 Lab Cat 10:39 USD 0.99 Watch Now
18 The Zone 11:12 USD 0.99 Watch Now
19 Too Many Unikittys 11:15 USD 0.99 Watch Now
20 Unikitty News 11:13 USD 0.99 Watch Now
21 Film Fest 11:07 USD 0.99 Watch Now



  • Such a wonderful show!

    By ~Animal Luvin~
    This show makes me happy inside! I love Hawkodiles crush on Dr. Fox. Make it happen Cartoon Network!
  • Good

    By Eland Venture
    This is good but is very similar to the other styles of shows. This style is good but after a while it gets a little boring. This time it is very unique and I am enjoying it a lot!
  • HAHA

    By UniSans
    The Wow Wow Wubbzy for older kids is AWESOME! It's basically my imagination on steroids!
  • Luv this

    By #warriorcatsrule#
    I’m a huge fan of unikitty from the LEGO movie so this show is AWESOME!!!
  • Seems like garbage

    By Mrjager966
    Saw the trailer for this and thought this was worse then any other show on CN.
  • Hasn't Been On Long and I'm Already A Fan

    By Jacob McF.
    I'm a huge fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and I found that UniKitty has quite a lot to like for me. The characters are adorable, the humor works, the episodes have lessons behind them (which I like from my cartoons) and best of all from my perspective: it's brand-new. MLP:FiM is still great in my opinion but it's not going to last forever, so I'm very pleased to have found another show in the vein of MLP. UniKitty has already earned its way into the very small circle of shows that I actually purchase episodes of on iTunes rather than just watching on cable or streaming services, so that's a good indicator of how sold I am on this series.
  • A great show!

    By Trupokemon
    The animation is smooth, and mesmerizing. I love looking at it when the characters talk, and move. The theme of the show is beautiful, and absolutely adorable! I love the original characters that are included alongside Unikitty, they really improve the quality of the show. This reboot/show has great potential.
  • Awesome show!!!!

    By eanania1998
    Back in 2014, when I saw The Lego Movie in theaters, I saw Unikitty appear on screen and she’s one of my favorite characters from the movie alongside Batman, Benny, and Emmet. Now, this TV show is based on The Lego Movie and it looks awesome! This is one of my favorite TV shows and Unikitty was voiced by Tara Strong and her voice sounds like a mix of Bubbles from the ‘98 Powerpuff Girls and Twilight Sparkle from the MLP: Friendship is Magic (I’m a Brony).
  • Overrated

    By Kitten fox
    It’s nothing special, it’s literally just just Mixels but Pandering to popular trends
  • Love it

    By Angchi1990
    This show is amazing! Who ever liked unikitty in the LEGO movie we’ll love this! Buy it now!