Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, Season 1

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, Season 1

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant

  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Release Date: 2018-03-12
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 3
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 24.99


Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant brings you five new stories of young women, Ashley, Brianna, Jade, Kayla and Lexi, as they face the challenges of entering the world of motherhood at a young age. Ashley and her boyfriend Bar left their carefree life in Vegas to move in with Ashley’s preacher mom to prepare for their daughter Holly's arrival. On top of struggling to adjust to life back at home, Ashley has to make peace with Bar’s mom. Tensions spill over at the baby shower and Ashley is left questioning the strength of all of her relationships. Brianna and her transgender boyfriend Danae were on a break when she got pregnant from a fling. Now they’re back together and Danae is ready to step up and be the baby’s father. Brianna wants him to move in, but her mom isn’t convinced that with their history of breaking up and making up that they will make it as a couple once the baby arrives. Jade and her friends used to make fun of the girls that got knocked up until it happened to her. Now she and her boyfriend Sean are excited to welcome their baby girl. Since they both work full time to make ends meet, Jade is counting on her mom to help despite her troubled past with drugs. But when history repeats itself, Jade realizes she doesn’t have a back up plan.  Kayla was forced to put off her plan to go away to college because of her unexpected pregnancy with her on again/off again boyfriend, Stephan. When Kayla learns that Stephan is cheating on her again, she wrestles between wanting him to tell him off and finding a way to make their relationship work so she can give her baby the two-parent household she never had. Lexi, a high school senior and cheerleading captain, must deal with all the challenges of finishing high school while pregnant. The baby’s father Kyler ended their five-year relationship right before Lexi realized she was pregnant. Now they’re friends who are parenting together, but Lexi wants more.


Title Time Price
1 Eyes On Me 41:17 USD 1.99 Watch Now
2 Young and Pregnant: Meet the New Moms 41:14 USD 1.99 Watch Now