Chuck, Season 4

Chuck, Season 4


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2010-09-20
  • Episodes: 24
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 19.99
From 264 Ratings


Get in on the action as critic- and fan-favorite series Chuck enters its fourth season. With Chuck's new Intersect abilities — resulting from a data upgrade and some actual spy training — he is now fully equipped with deadly fighting skills and ready to face the Ring. Chuck and Sarah are finally together, a fantasy Chuck has had since he first laid eyes on her — but can the two sustain a romantic relationship while saving the world? Can Chuck truly become the spy he longs to be, or will his emotions continue to get in the way? With an amazing ensemble cast that continues to thrill fans worldwide, Chuck proves there's No More Mr. Nice Spy. Season four features stellar guest star appearances by Nicole Richie (reprising her role of Sarah's old high school nemesis, Heather Chandler), Dolph Lundgren, Olivia Munn and, in a recurring role as Mary Bartowski, Chuck and Ellie's long-missing mother … Linda Hamilton.


Title Time Price
1 Chuck Versus the Anniversary 42:55 USD 0.99 Watch Now
2 Chuck Versus the Suitcase 42:54 USD 0.99 Watch Now
3 Chuck Versus the Cubic Z 42:54 USD 0.99 Watch Now
4 Chuck Versus the Coup d'Etat 42:54 USD 0.99 Watch Now
5 Chuck Versus the Couch Lock 42:53 USD 0.99 Watch Now
6 Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror 42:56 USD 0.99 Watch Now
7 Chuck Versus the First Fight 42:54 USD 0.99 Watch Now
8 Chuck Versus the Fear of Death 42:55 USD 0.99 Watch Now
9 Chuck Versus Phase Three 43:01 USD 0.99 Watch Now
10 Chuck Versus the Leftovers 43:00 USD 0.99 Watch Now
11 Chuck Versus the Balcony 43:03 USD 0.99 Watch Now
12 Chuck Versus the Gobbler 42:59 USD 0.99 Watch Now
13 Chuck Versus the Push Mix 42:58 USD 0.99 Watch Now
14 Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible 42:59 USD 0.99 Watch Now
15 Chuck Versus the Cat Squad 43:03 USD 0.99 Watch Now
16 Chuck Versus the Masquerade 43:00 USD 0.99 Watch Now
17 Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil 43:00 USD 0.99 Watch Now
18 Chuck Versus the A-Team 43:01 USD 0.99 Watch Now
19 Chuck Versus the Muuurder 43:01 USD 0.99 Watch Now
20 Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff 43:00 USD 0.99 Watch Now
21 Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner 43:04 USD 0.99 Watch Now
22 Chuck Versus Agent X 43:06 USD 0.99 Watch Now
23 Chuck Versus the Last Details 43:04 USD 0.99 Watch Now
24 Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger 43:05 USD 0.99 Watch Now



  • Amazing

    By ElijahEzekiel
    This is an epic season
  • Perfect season to a perfect show!

    By JosiahMagnet
    Like the title says, this is a perfect season! What do I mean by that, you ask? Not one episode is boring, not one episode is bad. Just like Season 2 and 3. (The 1st season was a little shaky, but hey, they were just starting out!) I still love all the characters, minus Jeff and Lester. But it's still a great show! Watch it!
  • Hands down best season of the best show

    By Boats and ____
    Loved Chuck and really disappointed to see it go /:
  • I'm sad :(

    By AJ1 989
    Every time I see a poster of chuck I get sad because I remember that there is no more CHUCK :'(
  • Season 5

    By Jennie_13
    Where is it ugh :/
  • Chuck - Where is SEASON 5?

    By ZenKah
    Oh come on iTunes, there are 13 episodes of Season 5 and why are you not putting it up in the store?
  • Why cancel?? And where is season 5??

    By ashleyjadecat27
    Chuck is the greatest show of all time!!!! I'm incredibly disappointed that the show is being canceled. There are so many fans that deserve more seasons! Although I will REALLY REALLY miss Chuck, and it has taken me forever to accept that it will all soon come to an end, I still demand that the 5th season should be put on iTunes!!! Maybe fans don't have time to watch every episode the day it is aired, I know I don't, but in return we buy the seasons on iTunes and at stores. We still LOVE Chuck!!! Please put Season 5 on iTunes or at least consider it... For the fans:)
  • It's official.... really!!

    By bigfootx
    It's official... Chuck is over and the final shows have been aired. Don't you think that it's about time that we get Season 5 on ITunes. How hard can it be? You've already done it 4 times before.... I WANT THE WHOLE SERIES ON ITUNES!!
  • when when when

    By pacman83
    please put season 5 up yea it was short but still was awsome. i need my fix please come on we all want season 5
  • Season 5

    By melogingon
    When will it be coming to iTunes?