Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales

Peanuts' Charlie Brown

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 2002-12-08
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
From 9 Ratings


‘Tis the season for cheer and charm with the Peanuts gang in this delightful special offering up five segments full of unforgettable Christmas moments. Snoopy works as a bell-ringer to raise money and looks for peace on earth with the cat next door. Linus strives to strike the right tone in his letter to Santa – and his friendship with an unusual girl at school. Sally’s ideas about gift-giving and the identity of Santa Claus might be unorthodox – but her strange notion of how to obtain a Christmas tree is classic. Lucy tries awfully hard to be nice…and still coax everyone around her to buy her presents. Charlie Brown and Sally wait up for Santa (a surprisingly short man), who spreads Christmas gift cheer further than they thought. This animated collection also includes the special story “Sibling Rivalry: Growing Up Van Pelt,” a feature on how Charles Schulz came to create the character of Rerun Van Pelt. Ready, set, glow... as the Peanuts gang gets into the spirit of the season!


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1 Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales / Specia 1:12:19 Season Only Watch Now



  • Half truth in advertising

    By S.Wagner
    The dscription says 1 hour and 12 minutes. The actual Peanuts episode (made up of short Christmas vignettes) is 20 or 30 minutes, and there's another short film about one of the characters in Peanuts. Then, no joke, there's about 40 minutes of black screen. So, yes, it is 1 hour and 12 minutes, but a lot of it is a black screen. I bought this mainly because it was an hour and 12 minutes of animation. Black screen animation is not nearly as good as the other type.
  • 72 minutes?

    By bummedoutbigtimeoverandover
    This movie says its runs for 72 minutes and its avtually about 25 with 15 minutes of commentary then a black screen for another 40. I dont get it? This makes no sense. Atleast get an accurate movie run time. The only reason I bought this was based on the run time. Thanks but no thanks.
  • Disappointed!

    By sumerida
    Give me my money back! Wanted a good time with the kids and got 20 minutes...😡
  • The story straight

    By nitemel
    Okay, people seem to not understand how iTunes works and keeps blaming Apple for high prices. For the record the SUPPLIER OF THE CONTENT SETS THE PRICE. Apple only charges a certain percentage for commission (hosting the content and facilitating the sale). If the content is expensive it’s not iTunes setting the cost. No different to a CD shop getting a CD and paying a wholesale $10 for the CD. They then put $3 on top of this cost for profit and to cover rent, wages and miscellaneous costs. Total = $13. They don’t set the price but just charge a standard 30%. Just like Apple. In actual fact 30% is what they do charge just FYI. -nje FL
  • Terrible rip off

    By Dingleberrys
    I wish I would have read the prior reviews before purchasing. 20 minutes of show for $10.
  • Downloaded but can't view or find

    By Jeneric9
    Tried to download free version from Starbucks tlyx7wr4w74n and said loaded, but cannot be found.
  • Absurd Price

    By ca_review
    I'm starting to feel taken advantage of when I buy from iTunes. I'd love this episode but I'd rather feel good about myself.
  • Expensive

    By JohnnyUSA
    Aways a please to see Peanuts, but a very epensive view for around 15 minutes 'comic strip' and 15 minutes interviews
  • DON'T make my mistake

    By da bum
    "Charlie Brown" "Christmas", and a picture of Snoopy. I thought this was the original Charlie Brown Christmas special, but this is a collection of mini-stories. Now I'm out $10. I don't know whether to be more mad at myself or Apple for the sleight of hand.
  • ?????$10.00?????

    By JMontyG969
    That is totally unexceptable! I could buy this 30 minute show for $2 from the createts of charlie brown and the peanuts! Apple, this is why nobody nuys from u anymore and jsilbreaks thier ipods and laptops!!!!!!!