The Simpsons, Season 23

The Simpsons, Season 23

The Simpsons

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2011-09-25
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 22
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 19.99
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The Simpsons returns for its record-annihilating 23rd season on the air. You'll learn the answer to Nedna: yes or no, visit the planet of Kang and Kodos during the "Treehouse of Horror" on October 30, and share the shock of Homer and Marge as the Simpsons are banned from Springfield forever in the milestone 500th episode on February 19, 2012. Guest stars you won't see on any other cartoon include Keifer Sutherland, Gordon Ramsay, Jane Lynch, Joan Rivers, Ted Nugent, Andy Garcia, Jeremy Irons, Michael Cera, Bryan Cranston, guerilla artist Shepard Fairey, Lady Gaga, and Jeremy Irons as the voice of Moe's bar rag. Add in a few more surprises, like Banksy's shock couch gag from Season 22, and you won't want to miss an episode!


Title Time Price
1 The Falcon and the D'Ohman 21:51 USD 1.99 Watch Now
2 Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts 21:31 USD 1.99 Watch Now
3 Treehouse of Horror XXII 22:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
4 Replaceable You 21:31 USD 1.99 Watch Now
5 The Food Wife 22:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
6 The Book Job 22:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
7 The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants 21:34 USD 1.99 Watch Now
8 The Ten-Per-Cent Solution 21:31 USD 1.99 Watch Now
9 Holidays of Future Passed 21:41 USD 1.99 Watch Now
10 Politically Inept, With Homer Simpson 21:36 USD 1.99 Watch Now
11 The D'Oh-cial Network 21:41 USD 1.99 Watch Now
12 Moes Goes from Rags to Riches 21:33 USD 1.99 Watch Now
13 The Daughter Also Rises 21:31 USD 1.99 Watch Now
14 At Long Last Leave 21:12 USD 1.99 Watch Now
15 Exit Through the Kwik-E Mart 21:31 USD 1.99 Watch Now
16 How I Wet Your Mother 21:42 USD 1.99 Watch Now
17 Them, Robot 21:16 USD 1.99 Watch Now
18 Beware My Cheating Bart 21:41 USD 1.99 Watch Now
19 Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never D 22:03 USD 1.99 Watch Now
20 The Spy Who Learned Me 21:41 USD 1.99 Watch Now
21 Ned 'n Edna's Blend Agenda 21:15 USD 1.99 Watch Now
22 Lisa Goes Gaga 21:52 USD 1.99 Watch Now



  • Im a member of the Simpson Family.

    By crldouglass
    Love this season Always good and funny Can't beat Bart & Homer for laughs
  • Once again, this show still rocks!

    By Gideon Samson
    After the hilarious 22nd season, the simpsons are back with another magnificent season and they are better than ever. This season also has the show's fantastic 500th episode of all! Speaking of that, this season has a lot of really great highlights which are the following: Holidays of Future Passed How I Wet Your Mother At Long Last Leave The D'oh-cial Network The Food Wife Lisa Goes Gaga Politically Inept, With Homer Simpson Moe Goes From Rags to Riches A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again These are really fantastic highlights especially the episode At Long Last Leave since it was the show's 500th episode. Keep it up like this simpsons!
  • Get them in Spanish too!

    By Valpy1
    I love the Simpsons but I find them better in Spanish, I've already bought two seasons in English. You should really get them in Spanish. I would buy them all. Please read this and at least get some seasons in Spanish or let us be able to change language.
  • The Simpsons rock

    By death to patoo
    The simpsons rock and nothing's gonna change that not family guy not American dad none are change that
  • Win the Emmy!!

    By Moviegirl215
    This season is awesome! Totally deserves an Emmy!
  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Je blaise ta mere
    I honestly thought that season23 was the best. By the way, if you hate the simpsons, you are a bad person
  • Why

    By Sara4ever
    Why is it so much money
  • Love Simpsons

    By 642170841450096522t
    I got one episode and I wish I could buy the whole season but not enough room
  • Its the Middle that counts

    By Notch :P
    Like Every TV Show on earth, the only good part was in the middle so the part I most like is Seasons 9-17 but now its just....entertainment
  • For my money...

    By tomatomasta
    This season was ok. But for my money, I'll buy season 21. That was truly good. That season was special.