Wolf Children

Wolf Children

Wolf Children

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 2013-11-26
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 9.99


Wolf Children is a staggeringly beautiful animated feature film from director Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars).ย This epic cinematic achievement follows Hana, a woman who falls in love with a Wolf Man and gives birth to two half human, half wolf children. After the tragic death of her beloved, Hana seeks refuge in rural town where she attempts to build a life for herself โ€“ and her children.


Title Time Price
1 Wolf Children 1:57:07 Season Only Watch Now



  • Great film... but why is this listed as a TV series?

    By Jimzy09
    Very confused on why this movie is listed as a TV season.
  • ๐Ÿ˜-โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ

    By qingting lianhua
    Itโ€™s a great movie that shows how much a mother cared about her children, no matter what life threw at her. It made me realize how much a mother will go through to raise their children. It makes me realize how lucky I am to have a great mom๐Ÿ˜
  • Allegory of youth and parenting, a triumph

    By Teenage Alpaca
    In the vein of Studio Ghlibi, this would rank among thier best. I don't want to give too much away, this film is an allegory of rasing children in the modern world and is emotional, exciting and charming. Appropriate and enjoyable for kids and adults 6+
  • Excellent!

    By Nxf13
    One of my all-time favorites, but beware!! Only dubbed, not subbed.
  • Amazing and beautiful!

    By Lindsdasvage
    This film was beautiful and amazing. Definitely worth the money. Itโ€™s not a tv show. I read the book of this film and both were great!
  • Worth it

    By Eevee evaluation
    It doesnโ€™t cost much and itโ€™s great I was hooked I dare you not to fall in love
  • No words describes how incredible this movie is

    By Kyra Bastante
    I cried in the first 20 minuets.....Okay ima stop now because i will go on forever....Buy its its so go

    By wolfiegamer221
    This is sooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuttttteeee!!!!!!!!!๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ
  • Amazing!

    By Jackpesci
    My daughter came across this and we watched the trailer and had to see it. Me, my wife son and daughter (14 and 12 respectively) were amazed. The story is brilliant and the animation, especially the detail of the background scenes and such were mind blowing. I completely recommend this for a good movie night (iTunes has it listed as a TV show for some reason, but it is a full length movie). My daughter is quite sharp and was not lost by the themes, story, etc. Some children my be a little confused as some themes are a bit mature (nothing graphic, sexual - unless you are uptight about breastfeeding - or any cursing). It was the best $9.99 for a movie night we had in quite some time. Again, this was absolutely brilliant and we will watch it again very soon, even just to look at the fine detail in the artwork!
  • Fantastic!

    By EyeSeeYou<