The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 5

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 5

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Release Date: 2014-11-18
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 23
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 24.99
From 28 Ratings


“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” returns with another season of over-the-top glamour and underhanded drama. Yolanda Foster, Brandi Glanville, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump are joined for season five by new housewives and soap stars, Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson. Lisa Rinna, a longtime friend of both Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump, brings her playfulness and outspokenness to the group. The entertainer, whose credits span “Days of Our Lives” and “Melrose Place,” introduces fellow newcomer, 2014 Emmy-winning “Days of Our Lives” compatriot Eileen Davidson. After a sudden and secret departure from Puerto Rico at the end of last season, Lisa Vanderpump is still wary of her formerly close friends, but is beginning to reconnect with Yolanda and Kyle. She has no interest in making amends with Brandi, who is also struggling to move past her own hurt. The ladies all come face-to-face at Kyle’s annual White Party and the over-the-top event is bigger and better than ever now that Mauricio’s real estate agency is selling houses upwards of $50 million. The social event of the season brings original Beverly Hills housewives Adrienne Maloof, Camille Grammer and Taylor Armstrong back together. As unresolved issues come to the surface, Brandi is faced with making amends with both Lisa and Adrienne at the same event.


Title Time Price
1 Guess Who's Coming to the White Party? 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
2 Who Stalked J.R.? 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
3 Pay Attention to Me! 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
4 Livin' la Vida Housewife 43:00 USD 1.99 Watch Now
5 Star Sighting 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
6 Medford, 90210 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
7 Breaking Branches 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
8 Winning and Dining 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
9 Live and Learn 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
10 House of Cards 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
11 It's Just a Scratch 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
12 Drama Queens 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
13 Sister Act 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
14 SURPRISE! 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
15 Welcome to Amsterdam? 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
16 Amsterdamn! 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
17 Amster-Damn Slap 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
18 Confessions of a Housewife 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
19 The Party's Over 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
20 Reunion, Pt. 1 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
21 Reunion, Pt. 2 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
22 Reunion, Pt. 3 43:01 USD 1.99 Watch Now
23 Secrets Revealed 43:02 USD 1.99 Watch Now



  • I can't stand Kim Richards

    By aysada
    If you don't want people talking about you, get off the reality show, Kim! Your addiction affects your behavior around the other women, therefore they are free to comment. So shut up and take it.
  • Team Kyle!

    By Dannielle16
    This is one of the best reality show on TV! I like Kyle the best ;-)
  • please get rid of Brandi AND Kim

    By pinksquirrel
    I always enjoy watching this show, but usually, a little more than halfway through the season, I become so disgusted by Brandi’s behavior that I simply can’t watch anymore, she and Kim both are extremely ill and frankly, I think they deserve each other. They act like they are still in high school and they both rarely if ever even understand what the others are actually talking about. Completely low class, vile creatures. PLEASE get rid of these foul humans. Kyle needs to cut the cord and let go of her sister, she is toxic.
  • Best of all the locations

    By Headies122
    I love the cast this season. This is my favorite housewives. The ladies are actually funny and the drama is rich n sweet this season. They fight hard but r still rich suburban moms lol
  • Enjoy

    By Jovany Estrada
    I love this show because it's easy to watch. It's a simple escape from the world when it feels too complicated to comprehend. I love watching it after a very long and stressful day. You have your vice, I have mine. To those of you that judge us for watching: you're the problem, not us. Don't take yourself too seriously. Enjoy:
  • Please Get Rid Of Kyle

    By Julia Gulia Mulia
    Thank Goodness Brandy is around to show viewers what a genuine not-even-pretty sociopath Kyle is. Please kick Kyle off the show.
  • Please get rid of Brandy

    By TigerLilyCo
    She is so trashy and sullies every event. She rude, crass and just doesn't belong with this crowd.
  • iTunes why do season pass holders have to wait longer to download episodes?

    By Emerald26
    It's ridiculous...please improve your service. Loving this season of RHOBH
  • What's wrong with you people

    By DannyPlacz
    The shows are for people who do not have lives and the rest of the world wonders why America is been dumbed down.
  • Please stop making these . I'm begging you

    By Gregoire2125
    It's just garbage. Stop it . Look at yourself in the mirror and give your head a shake.